Aion Client via torrent and manual 1.9 patch

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Aion Client via torrent and manual 1.9 patch

Post  Admin on Tue Jul 27, 2010 8:25 pm

OK so yes Aion itself if 9 gigs plus with updates and all the extra jazz its about 11+ gigs

So i decided to save yall time

First download the Ncsoft Launcher but dont run it yet

Next download the Aion 1.5 torrent... yes i know we are hence why your downloading the Ncsoft Launcher

Once your done downloading and extracting the Aion 1.5 client

Install the Ncsoft Launcher

It should detect that you have Aion installed

Next youll need to click on Aion there will be a drop down menu and click repair

Once that is all said and done youll need to download our nifty lil Launcher and follow the directions within

Launch the game with our launcher log in with whatever you want your log in to be


1.9 patch for those who are having issues


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